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Trasimeno Lake

Umbria, the green heart of Italy

The green heart of Italy, with its rich variety of landscapes, is the ideal destination for memorable weddings and romantic weekends immersed in the most scenic natural setting. 

The rugged Apennines are interspersed with the mountain ranges of the Valnerina and the numerous regional nature parks, until they plunge back into the wide lake basins of Lake Trasimeno and Piediluco and along the banks of numerous rivers, first and foremost the Tiber. But Umbria is not just a place of wild nature, it is also full of hidden treasures within the enchanted natural places: the chromatic illusions of the Castelluccio Plain in the centre of the Monti Sibillini Park, the stagmites of the Montecucco Cave, powerful Marmore Waterfalls.


Created by the ancient Romans, the waterfalls are a highlight of Umbria's natural heritage, and are set in a park with trails to discover the flora and fauna of the area, and even a hidden tunnel dug into the travertine, that opens onto the famous “lovers' balcony”.

The sound of the rushing waters accompanies the romantic legend of Velino and Nera, the humble shepherd and the beautiful nymph united by an overwhelming love, separated by the wrath of the jealous Juno, who turned the young nymph into the crystalline river now flowing from the top of the Velino and still bearing its name.

Another enthralling legend about a lovely nature spot concerns Trasimeno Lake, renownd for its romantic sunsets. According to legend, the fearless prince Trasimeno, son of the wise Etruscan King Tirreno di Lidia, fell hopelessly in love with the graceful nymph Agilla, and then they got married on the lakeshore. Somehow the young prince drowned in the lake that now bears his name, and they say it’s still possible to hear, in the gentle breeze rippling the lake, the distant the moaning of the nymph Agilla, searching for her love who was swallowed by the waves.

The enchanting local landscape serves as a backdrop to the typical products, marking the timeless bond of the Umbrian people with their land. The abundant and flourishing lake hosts delicious kinds of fish, cooked in the “tegamaccio”, or porchetta-style, or simply grilled over embers, is the ideal product for lovers of the good cuisine. Seasoned with the excellent local oil and accompanied by an exquisite Umbrian wine, fresh-caught lake fish will be perfect for a romantic candle-lit dinner surrounded by the inspiring Umbrian hills.


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