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Carnival in Umbria 2016

Masks, confetti and carnival floats are ready to invade the streets of Umbria: here are some of the many appointments planned in the Green Heart of Italy.


"Le Giornate del Bartoccio" in Perugia
From the 23rd January to the 7th February 2016

Umbria's main town celebrates Carnival, celebrating its ancient protagonist from Perugia: Bartoccio da Pian del Tevere.

For fifteen days, the town will come to life with concerts, exhibitions, dances, puppet shows and many other events besides.

As is tradition, there will also be "bartocciate", dialectal compositions on social matters written anonymously on pamphlets.

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The Acquasparta Carnival
24th-31st January 2016 and 7th February 2016

The main stars of Acquasparta's Carnival, better known as the "Carnevale dei Bambini" (Children's carnival), are the floats which, like every year, will be parading through the streets of this beautiful Umbrian village, enchanting young and old alike.

In addition, there will be the chance to try traditional local cooking at the taverna in Acquasparta's historic centre.

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The Sant'Eraclio Carnival
31st January 2016 and 7th-14th February 2016

Between the end of January and the beginning of February, Sant'Eraclio will again be "Città del Carnevale" (Carnival Town) with the "Carnevale dei Ragazzi", (Youngsters' Carnival) one of the oldest in Umbria. For three Sundays, the "Corsi Mascherati" processions will return, with the parades of carnival floats made of papier maché, accompanied by hundreds of people in costumes and a lot of music.

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