Les vins et l’huile

Grechetto (o Grechetto di Orvieto)


It was only in 1975 that a study carried out by the University of Perugia managed to identify a formal definition of the differences between the two Grechetto varieties grown most often in Umbria - those of Orvieto and Todi. A member of the large Greco family, this is one of the oldest vines grown in Italy. It was probably brought here from the same geographical region, but at different times.

This vine is commonly found all over Umbria, and is the backbone of the majority of white wines produced in the provinces of Perugia and Terni. When vinified as a pure varietal, the Grechetto yields a wine that is straw-yellow in colour with a characteristically mild fruity, floral aroma, good alcoholic strength and acidity. Traditionally used for blending, particularly in Orvieto, the natural characteristics of this grape make it very well-suited to the production of dessert wines.