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Giochi de le Porte - The Games of the Gates

Giochi de le Porte - The Games of the Gates

Gualdo Tadino re-enacts the ancient Palio di San Michele Arcangelo: the town's four gates compete for victory and the privilege of burning the effigy of the Bastola, who according to the story, started the fire which destroyed the town.

The games kick off on Friday following the exchange of gifts between the gates, and performances by flag-throwers and musicians whilst the tavernas welcome guests, serving local dishes and specialities.

Saturday is the day of the spectacular historical procession: a thousand participants in prestigious handmade costumes will parade across the town, taking it back to the Middle Ages with witchcraft, music, art and trades of past times.

Sunday is dedicated to the highly anticipated games between the gates: San Benedetto, San Donato, San Facondino and San Martino face each other in four different competitions which culminate in the corsa del somaro (a bareback donkey race).

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