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Carnival of Acquasparta

Carnival of Acquasparta

Absolute protagonists of the Acquasparta's Carnival, better known as the "Children's Carnival", will be the floats that, as every year, are going to parade among the streets of the beautiful Umbrian village, by enchanting adults and kids. 

The appointment is going to be on the 12th, 19th and 26th February: each Sunday afternoon floats are going to animate the town's streets.

The floats are going to be prepared and arranged according to themes and genres linked to tastes and preferences of children: from cartoons to the most famous movies, through comics' characters.

Furthermore, it will be possible to taste the dishes of the Umbrian culinary tradition with the tavern of the Acquasparta's historical center: Picchiarelli with Sauce, Polenta, Castelluccio's Lentils, Cantiniere's Arrosticini and the grilled Mutton.


(In case of bad weather, the calendar of parades will be delayed of a week and it will end on the 5th March). 

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