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A journey along the Via Flaminia

Along the Via Flaminia, from Otricoli to Scheggia

Your journey begins in the southern part of Umbria, where the old Via Flaminia leaves Lazio and crosses our Region in a continuous line from Otricoli to Scheggia. Inaugurated in 220 BCE by Gaio Flaminio to connect the Tyrrhenian area to the Adriatic, the modern-day road in that direction still follows much of the original route.


In order to really follow in the proverbial footsteps of the Romans after they conquered the area, your journey should begin with a walk in the


Archaeological Park of Otricoli. Set along a stretch of the Tiber River, it conserves eight centuries of history among the monumental remains of the ancient city. Visitors can walk along a path to see the sites and there are rest stops along the way.

After this visit, go towards Narni. There is a fork in the consular road here that offers two choices: the straight line to Carsulae, or a road built at a later date that goes through Terni and Spoleto to then join up again with the older part when you get to the ancient Forum Flaminii, just outside of Foligno.

For the purposes of this tour, we suggest you take the first option, which is shorter and easier to follow. Take the Via Flaminia towards San Gemini, and just past this medieval town you'll finds signs leading to the Archaeological Park of Carsulae, the old Roman municipality that once flourished along the ancient road. Here you'll feel like you're catching a glimpse of daily life in the times of ancient Rome.

Before or after your visit, find some time to enjoy a plate of picchiarelli alla sangeminese, a hand-made pasta dish seasoned with plenty of spicy sauce.

There is still quite a ways to go before you reach Bevagna. Just past the village the two sections of the Via Flaminia come together again here before it heads into the Apennines. Through the Park of Monte Cucco, the Flaminia leaves Umbria and heads to the Adriatic Sea, crossing over the mountains at the pass in Scheggia. Keep this in mind for when summer arrives and it's time to head to the shore.