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7th Festival of Science and Philosophy

7th Festival of Science and Philosophy

The "Festival of Science and Philosophy - Virtue and Knowledge" is returning to Foligno from the 27th to the 30th April: four days of conferences, meetings, debates and specific activities for schools and students in the Quintana Town.  

The main theme of this seventh edition is "Innovation. Future in our midst" that will be addressed following the guiding thread according to which science allows not only to explain what happens around us, but also to change our way of producing, working, moving and travelling, buying, communicating, so shaping our way of living and thinking.

The issue will be addressed by scientists, philosophers, journalists, men and women of culture through eight different sections: "Brain and mind", "DNA editing", "Medicine of precision", "The conquest of space", "Natural risks and science to live rationally with", "Science and democracy in the contemporary epoch", and "The young Italian researchers in the world".

In addition to these ones, there are furthermore two special sections: the conference "Recalling Luther 500 years from the publication of his theses" and the contest "The password's research", relating to tales with a scientific content.

Big protagonists will also be young people who will participate not only as spectators but also as constructors, organizers and speakers of the event, that will strengthen its feature of appointment to analyse and study the present as well as to look to the future with the knowledge's optimism. 


Here you can find the schedule of Festival's previews. 

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