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2017 Cheese Flowers

2017 Cheese Flowers

A weekend devoted to cheese in the fortified village of Vallo di Nera. Conferences, shows, visits and many other initiatives will accompany you among tastings of high quality cheeses. 

During the two days of celebration, along the streets and wineries of the historical centre, you will be able to see the tasty creations of cheese producers, together with other local typical products, from food and wine to crafts.

There will be many and different kinds of cheeses: matured and fresh ones, made from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk. Particularly tasty will be the raw-milk cheeses according to the Valnerina's tradition. There will also be special cheeses for vegetarians.

Beyond the market exhibition the schedule also includes a series of side initiatives: free tastings, music and performances, walks, workshops, guided visits to discover frescoes of the village's Romanesque churches, as well as entertainment for kids and the presentation as well as tasting of a huge ricotta.

Don't miss out on a trip in the "Tales House", antenna of the Valnerina's Ecomuseum,  to get to know the popular culture as well as its values through memories and stories of local people as well as of documents. 

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