Villa Cahen

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Piazza Duomo 24 - 05018 Orvieto
In the 1880 the Villa was built in the municipality of Allerona by the wealthy financier Edouard Cahen of Antwerp, who, in love with Italy and its landscapes, had bought the estateby the aristocratic family of the Bourbon del Monte.

The estate extends for about thirty kilometers in circumference between a ridge and the other one of the valley of Paglia river in that area currently known as the Selva of Meana. The particular and fascinating feature of this place is represented by the Italian garden. It's full of various tree and herbaceous species, even rare, that the owner brought there from the most distant places. The Villa is a rare example of art nouveau and has an architecture designed with great care and enriched with natural and artificial furnishings. Other peculiarities consist in the limonaia and greenhouses to protect plants during the winter. Recently also the Japanese garden and it is placed , in the park, between the Italian garden and the greenhouses. The Villa has a simple and elegant external form in the Liberty style. Its external structure is enhanced thanks to the white surfaces of the walls. The shutters, the modulations of the lugs and overall the turret body add notes of color to the external structure. The villa is divided into several floors: a basement used as warehouses and premises for electrical and thermal services, a ground floor for spacious and elegant halls to study, to receive and dining, a third floor for bedrooms and their confidential annexes to the owners, an additional floor for the servants' bedrooms.