The therapeutic sanctuaries of Umbria: miracles, nature, history and art.

From miraculous waters to local traditions, the spirit of the land flows here; faith and science mingle across nature and the surrounding community. 
Some are dormant, with pilgrimages having ceased, while others are still active and followed.  Whether searching for relaxation and nature, spirituality or the hope of a real and true miracle, there is no doubt that Umbria's therapeutic sanctuaries have for centuries been places where occurring phenomena could only be explained by the intervention of a higher authority.

Modern science has weakened the belief in healing without destroying the mystical fascination and the strong bond with culture, traditions and the places they are embedded in. Follow in the steps of humankind's work and divine will, encountering local places through the symbolic codes of history and practices that a marvellous nature has always harboured.  Immerse yourself in these monuments with an open mind, away from the main pilgrimage highlights but no less 'true' and unique. A different experience of living in meditation, seeking a traditional, more peaceful way of life.  Or just experience this with your family.  But always in greenery, arts and history