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Francis Route: North and South Route

The Francis route is an highly suggestive natural and spiritual itinerary crossing Umbria from North to South, 

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Difficulty:  Difficult
Total difference in height:  North Route 3250 meters – South Route 3400 meters
Length:  North Route 217 km – South Route 194 km
Surface:  60% asphalt and 40% dirt road

The Francis route is an highly suggestive natural and spiritual itinerary crossing Umbria from North to South, by touching the most beautiful cities of the region, but above all the most important and significant Franciscan places. 

This cycling itinerary should be faced with a pilgrim´s spirit in order to ride in the green, but at the same time immersed in the spirituality and mysticism of these lands, while meeting the local people who are able to surprise you each time with their welcoming spirit and authenticity.

This route can be crossed either from North or from South, always having as final destination Assisi.

The Northern Route starts from the La Verna sanctuary, in Tuscany, for then crossing St. Sepolcro, entering in Umbria and going through Città di Castello, Pietralunga, Gubbio and Perugia before reaching the Sacred Convent of Assisi. It´s a wild itinerary, through which it´s possible to discover little known places and streets, but requiring a good level of training to overcome a series of challenging uphills.

The Southern Route starts from Piediluco, crosses the villages of the Low Valnerina such as Arrone, Ferentillo and Scheggino, before reaching Spoleto and then arriving in one of the most known areas of Umbria, by touching Trevi, Foligno and Spello. It´s an almost perfect balance among natural beauties as well as cultural and artistic gems, a shorter and less hard trip than the Northern route.

The Northern and the Southern Route create a fascinating experience in any case, independently from the religious aspect. It´s a journey than anyone can interpret in his/her own way, with a pilgrim spirit or simply by enjoying the beauty of the itinerary and the natural, artistic, cultural and food and wine excellencies of this area.