The Industrial Archaeological Park of Campacci di Marmore

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Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni

The Industrial Archaeological Park of Campacci di Marmore is a real open-air museum: it is located near the Upper Belvedere of the Marmore Waterfall, along path number 5. 

The Park, set in a particularly lovely and evocative landscape, hosts some big artefacts from the hydroelectric plants of Galleto and Narni, such as Kaplan and Francis turbines as well as flow distributors for turbines, kept for different years at the Bosco works in the Maratta district.

The project enhances the educational itinerary on the local hydroelectric plants that is already partially present at the Campacci, among the tanks used for collecting water that then, through the penstocks, flowed down to the valley in order to produce the electricity necessary to operate the many plants in the Terni area, primarily the steel manufacturing company.

Water tanks that look like imposing walled structures have been abandoned, overgrown and hidden by vegetation, taking on the appearance of ruins nostalgically recalling an industrial past. 

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