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Eurochocolate 2019

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18-27 October 2019 
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Piazza Matteotti, 18 - Loggia dei Lanari - 06121 Perugia
Greedy people from all over the world mark these days: from 18 to 27 October the unmissable event for chocolate lovers – Eurochocolate – takes place in Perugia.

This 26th edition will be dedicated to an object of common use that accompanies us in every moment of life. It is an object used since the beginning of time – the first testimonies date back to 2800 years BC – and its functional but also and above all symbolic and communicative value is often ignored.
We are talking about the button. 
“Attacca bottone” (literally: sew a button; figurative: talk endlessly to/chat up) is the claim of the next edition of the International Chocolate Festival, indeed.
For ten days, many themed events will enrich the calendar of Eurochocolate: a real “Button Square” will be set up and a large exhibition named "Buttons" will open and dedicated to buttons. Moreover, "The rooms of the buttons" will be inaugured for children.
As usual, many events are scheduled for the occasion such as the bazaar with chocolate companies from all over the world literary meetings with Italian and foreign writers, initiatives for the little ones, tastings, workshops and the famous chocolate sculptures ... so, you just have to let your mouth watering! 

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