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Excursion in the environs of Cascata delle Marmore

Take a walk amid nature, history, flavours and tradition


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A long walk amid some of the region's most beautiful towns and vistas: a way to get rid of the stress of daily routine and to find a state a well-being close to nature. If you too love small towns immersed in timeless scenery, you have found the right place for you.

Lovers of the outdoors will certainly have heard of Cascata delle Marmore (‘Marmore Waterfall'): this is where we will take you today, into the enchanting beauty of Umbria.

Perhaps not everybody knows that this waterfall is actually an artificial structure originally created by the Romans to contain the floods of the river Velino, which used to create stagnant pools in the surrounding lowlands, thus endangering the health of the area's inhabitants. Consul Curius Dentatus therefore decreed the construction of a channel purposefully built to limit the flow of the river.

Since then, the boulder and its spectacular water jet have inspired dozens of artists and writers throughout history. One need only think of Virgil, Cicero, or Byron.

Today, mention of Cascata delle Marmore immediately conjures up its many opportunities for practicing sport disciplines, even extreme ones. One example is rafting, a fun activity that along some parts of the river can also be engaged in by children. Or alternatively canyoning, hydrospeed, or kayaking.

We continue our journey toward the medieval style fortified town of Casteldilago. Worth seeing here are the church of San Valentino, inside which there is a 16th century fresco of a Madonna with Child, and then the church of San Nicola and the old mill.

Our journey's final destination is the hermitage dedicated to the Madonna dello Scoglio, or dello Schippo. This sanctuary, enshrined by a dense vegetation, is located along the road which brings to Forcella, and rises from a rocky boulder above a sheer drop. Today the building, erected between the 16th and 18th centuries, is a favourite destination for pilgrims and devotees.