Chiesa di Sant'Agostino - Sigillo

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The Church of St. Augustine, located within the village of Sigillo, was built between 1788 and 1791 by the Swiss architect Giacomo Cantoni on the foundations of the ancient Church of St. Catherine of which today the only testimony left is the medieval Crypt, restored by the Municipal Administration and converted into a cultural centre.
The façade architecturally is characterized by twin pilasters and by the austere portal. On the walls there are two niche-styled altars that are built on each side and alternated to niches with statues. The apse is enriched by a wooden choir and preceded by a slightly elevated presbytery.
The high altar was executed between 1795 and 1796 by making extensive use, for the coatings, of marbles in various colours: ancient green, yellow from Siena and red from Verona. Inside the building, in neoclassical style, is characterized by only one nave covered with a vault with elegant pilasters and capitals reaching the cornice.
Among the furnishings, quite imposing is the organ and the two confessionals made of walnut; it´s important to mention important canvasses and wooden sculptures of the 16th, 17th century and a Cross in gilded copper by Enrico from Piemonte of 1494.
Among the artworks the most important one is for sure the painting on canvas Annunciation, placed behind the choir and whose donor is Ippolito Borghesi da Sigillo.