The magic of autumn in Umbria

Umbria is the perfect destination for your autumn holiday: it is a mystical land, rich in monasteries and churches, and offers enchanting landscapes as well as excellent local gastronomic products.

Yellow, ochre, orange and red: all the warm shades of the foliage dot the hills of Umbria and paint its woods, immersing in that way the medieval villages in an incredibly suggestive warm atmosphere.

So, where should you go for your next holiday, if not in one of the most uncontaminated regions of Italy?

Umbria is a perfect destination for this time of the year: it is a mystical land, rich in monasteries and churches, and offers enchanting landscapes as well as local gastronomic products that will induce even the least greedy into temptation.

Here are our tips for your autumn holiday, in one of the greenest and most romantic lands of the beautiful country.



In autumn, the Umbrian hills offer high quality oils and wines, the products of the forest come to cheer the tables and the Umbrian cuisine is enriched with truffles, chestnuts and mushrooms.
Umbria has a long wine-growing tradition: so why don't you take advantage of the autumn to participate in the harvest? All around is the most uncontaminated nature, the living smell of the land, the full and genuine flavour of its products.
There are several wineries in the area that organize days of visits and excursions in the vineyards.
And again: in autumn, not only the cellars, but also the oil mills open their doors.
In short, the Umbrian specialities typical of this period, combined with new local wines, are a good reason to enjoy a bit of fun and relaxation between the pleasure of good food and the beauty of discovering - or rediscovering - the territory.



Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a nice trip to Umbria thanks to the many events that still animate the villages in a mix of tradition, folklore and taste.
There are many events to taste Umbria's food and wine products: Eurochocolate in Perugia, the White Truffle Market Exhibition in Gubbio, the Wine Castle in Corciano, the Forest Festival in Montone, Zafferiamo in Città della Pieve, the Saddlebag of the Truffle Maker in Citerna are just a few examples!
There are also several autumn events that, instead, will allow you to take a step back in time, to relive the great emotions of the past: from Gubbio to Gualdo Tadino, from equestrian challenges to those with the crossbow.



Even outdoor sports still have a lot to offer: temperatures are not too cold, and the hours of sunshine are ideal for being in contact with nature in a milder climate.
Any examples? The two wheels: in addition to physical activity, bicycles and mountain bikes offer the opportunity to admire the panorama with the bright colours of the leaves, fields and mountains.
The same goes for hikers who, in this season, can devote themselves more than ever to their passion for trekking.


In short: Umbria is waiting for you to enjoy all the magic of autumn!