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Perugia Etrusca for archaeology lovers: - Route of the Etruscan Walls and Gates (3rd century B.C.) - M.A.N.U (Archaeological Museum of Umbria) with its renewed layout - Etruscan Well (*) entrance fee 3.00 Euro
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I am a licensed tour guide in Umbria, the region where I was born and where I have chosen to live and work. I live in Perugia where I attended the University of Classical Literature before and conservation of cultural heritage

Tour of Perugia

- full day (including the Archaeological Museum and the Hypogeum of the Volumni at Ponte San Giovanni

1. "Augusta Perusia": Perugia, as an Etruscan city, is a surprise because of the monumental character of the works from this era that are still substantially intact: the Walls, the imposing entrance gates (Porta Marzia and the so-called Arch of Augustus) the hydraulic works such as the famous "Etruscan Well", and the remains of the Acropolis under the Cathedral.

What makes the city unique is that it has preserved so much of the 'City of the Living' along with its necropolises. Don't miss a visit to the Etruscan Museum in the convent of San Domenico and a few kilometres from the city the Hypogeum of the Volumni.... Upon request, it is possible to book a visit to 'underground Perugia' with excavations under the Cathedral and a tour that includes the remains of the Etruscan Acropolis and the Roman city.

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Presence of a licensed guide from Umbria with a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage

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Etruscan Perugia A tour in the "search for the Etruscans" in Perugia is truly unique, because along with the necropolis, much remains of the "city of the living".The foundations of Perugia date back to the 3rd century B.C.: the imposing walls, the well and even the remains of the acropolis under the cathedral are intact.Alternating between beautiful panoramic outdoor walks and underground routes, you will discover the marvels of Etruscan construction genius.Included in the guided tour is the Archaeological Museum, with significant evidence of Etruscan civilisation from the chariots of San Mariano, the Cippo di Perugia and the Cai Cutu tomb.Etruscan wall circuit, an example of the Etruscans' skill in monumental constructionArco c.d. of Augustus, impressive gateway to the Etruscan city built.Porta Marzia, south entrance arch to the Etruscan city decorated with great elegance.Pozzo Etrusco one of the most important works of hydraulics.Perugia underground ... remains of the Acropolis buried in the cathedral's basement.A few kilometres from Perugia (Ponte San Giovanni), don't miss a visit to the Hypogeum of the Volumni, a beautiful example of an Etruscan burial site.The tomb of the 'Velimna' family was built in the context of the Necropolis, which still preserves numerous chamber tombs.

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