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Orvieto: a day in the Renaissance.
The Wonders of the Renaissance and Late 16th Century in Orvieto. Full day. The Pozzo di San Patrizio (St Patrick's Well), the Duomo, the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo and the palaces of the historic centre.
1 Days
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Visita di Orvieto che comprende il Duomo ed il centro storico della città. Da non perdere il capolavoro della pittura rinascimentale: Fine del Mondo e Giudizio Universale del Beato Angelico e Luca Signorelli. Su richiesta anche altri monumenti, Musei ecc.

We will visit: St Patrick's Well, an exceptional and evocative work by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. Then we will arrive at the famous Duomo with its impressive frescoes of the Last Judgement (the "Sistine Chapel of Orvieto") painted by Beato Angelico and Luca Signorelli, the moving Pietà by Ippolito Scalza, the large statues of the Apostles, only returned to their home after an absence of 100 years in 2019, and the two extraordinary sculptures of the Annunciation. We will then go to the adjacent Museo dell'Opera del Duomo where the imposing 16th-century altarpieces of the side altars are kept, among other masterpieces of the past. Finally we will take a tour of the centre to admire the noble palaces.

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Tourist guide service

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Transport, entrance fees and everything not listed under 'The sales option includes'.


Only walk normally, for St. Patrick's Well climb and descend stairs

1 Days

In the majestic Duomo of Orvieto we will admire the masterpiece from the very early 16th century that reveals the extraordinary mastery of Luca Signorelli: the End of the World and the Last Judgement. These are famous frescoes, of great visual and emotional impact, that could be defined as "the Sistine Chapel of Orvieto". Perhaps you have already been here, but with a professional guide you will discover curiosities and details that you surely did not know. Moreover, it was only in 2019 that the great 16th-century statues of the Apostles and the magnificent Annunciation by Francesco Mochi returned to their place after more than 100 years of absence. But that's not all: we will also admire other masterpieces inside this splendid and rich cathedral. In the nearby Museo dell'Opera del Duomo we will see paintings and other important works. We will then take a walk through the town: we will also pass by the Piazza della Repubblica (where the town hall with its 16th-century façade and the Church of St Andrew stand) and various noble palaces. Finally, St Patrick's Well awaits us: we will make a spectacular descent into the belly of the earth to the depths of the water. It is a monument of great beauty, a unique work of architectural engineering due to Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.

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