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Excursion inside and outside the mountain
5 Hours
Meeting point
€ 20 Persona
Associazione Guide Tra Montana

The path to reach the entrance is eight hundred metres long. Once there, a journey into the heart of Mount Cucco begins. You'll be walking by stalactites and stalagmites, large rooms, labyrinths and tunnels to discover a world that you only dreamt about. A walk through the centre of the mountain is the most complete experience to stay in touch with nature. The caves, where the perception of space is alterated by the lack of reference points, will embrace you into a silence that you've nevere experienced before and the deep darkness that our guides create by turning off the lights for a few seconds is definately one thing you must experience at least once in your life.

What is included

Hiking guide, Helmet


The excursions allowed from 8 years of age, any minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. - Each walker will be given a safety helmet. -The excursion is not suitable for people with mobility problems - We should not bring bulky backpacks, but small backpacks for personal items: you may want to bring water and a snack (there are no eateries or springs along the way). - The internal temperature is cold and constant during all year, it is around 6° C with a humidity close to 100%. The temperature range, especially in the summer months, is significant. - You have to dress in layers, with long trousers, suitable footwear to make progress on mountain trails. - It is forbidden to bring animals inside the caves. - The excursion will be canceled if the weather conditions are adverse.

5 Hours

The total duration of the excursion is 4/5 hours, and it includes a guided walking tour from Pian di Monte and the visit inside the cave. The departure is in Pian di Monte (1197 meters above the sea level) where you can park yor car and meet the guide. The tour begins on an easy trail, with a difference in altitude of 193 meters and approximately 1800 m far from Pian di Monte. The East entrance of the cave is located at 1390 meters above the sea level. The access to the cave is inside the Miliani well, 27 meters deep and equipped with a metal ladder. From there, passing through stairs and steel walkways, we will reach some magnificent wide rooms. In quick succession: the Cathedral, the Margherita Hall, the Beak Hall and the Fountains hall. The journey continues through the impressive Secret Passage that lead to the Final Room. After 800 meters of internal walking inside the cave, you will end up on the northern mountain slope, climbing a 8 meters long well, equipped with a rung ladder. Once outside the spectacular view from the large natural terrace on the mountain side is just breathtaking. You can see the beautiful Chiascio river valley and, on sunny days, you can also spot the Adriatic sea. The duration of the walking tour on the northen slope of the mountain is about 50 minutes.

Contract terms

The excursion will be canceled in case of very bad weather.