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Cantina Assisi PG DAL LUNEDì AL SABATO dalle 9 alle 12:30 e dalle 16 alle 19:30 STRADA DEI VINI DEL CANTICO
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The Tili winery extends over the hills that flank the town of Assisi to the east, a land rich in peace and saints, but also with a centuries-old wine and oil tradition. It is not known what the founder of the Tili family found when, from Northern Europe, he arrived in these hills following Barbarossa in 1200, but since then the Tili have cultivated with love this land mixed with rock to obtain the best fruits, such as wine and the oil. Since 1978 the owner, continuing the family tradition, handed down from father to son, began to bottle his production, animated by a dream: that of making his wine travel to the most remote corners of the world, so that fans of good drink can they knew and appreciated him. Passionate commitment and tenacious research are making the dream come true.The 90-100,000 bottles produced annually are tasted in selected circles of wine lovers in Japan, USA, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden.

Productive process

The medium-textured calcareous soils, poor in organic matter, rich in skeleton and mineral salts are excellent for these selected crops carried on by the family. The vine has its roots in an arid soil which, due to its particular permeability, is unable to retain the rain water, thus enriching the organoleptic content of the grape with particular saline components.The geographical and climatic conditions guarantee excellent health for the vineyards. These require very few targeted chemical treatments, however, carried out with the aid of a meteorological station with which the vineyard and olive grove are constantly monitored. The fifteen hectares of vineyards of the company include the best vines carefully selected and cultivated espalier so that they can be kissed by the sun throughout the day.The use of special techniques such as short pruning, tying with traditional loops in respect of the ecosystem, spring thinning, grassing associated with targeted and calculated plowing, a careful integrated struggle without the use of pesticides and herbicides, show the love and respect for the nature of the family-run company.


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