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Terre De La Custodia
Cantina Gualdo Cattaneo PG Lunedì 10-18 Martedì 10-18 Mercoledì chiuso Giovedì 10-18 Venerdì 10-18 Sabato 10-18 Domenica chiuso MOVIMENTO TURISMO DEL VINO STRADA OLIO DOP UMBRIA STRADA DEL SAGRANTINO STRADA DEI VINI DEL CANTICO
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The Gualdo Cattaneo area is fascinating and sincere. Gentle hills, soft and regular, interspersed with nature where biodiversity is perceptible. Olive trees, vineyards, arable land, but also woods, fields and pastures... this is where the Terre de la Custodia winery is located. A modern company, owned by the Farchioni family, which preserves an ancient tradition, that of making wine. A family that has been dedicated to agriculture for generations. The Farchioni family began as processors, buying grapes and making wine, then they became farmers and the cultivation of vines, but also of other crops, became their strong point.

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Località Palombra 06035 Gualdo Cattaneo PG
Telephone: 0742/92951
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