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Recognize, taste and cook edible wild plants and herbs
Edible wild plants (also known as ‘volunteers’) are easily found growing in the woods and are the best and most fragrant herbs. Learn to recognize them and use them in the kitchen
1 Days
Meeting point
Sant'Anatolia di Narco
€ 55 a persona con un minimo di 4 persone
Exu-Exploring Umbria
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Immersed in the enchanting scenery of the Valnerina, treat yourself to a pleasant day out in perfect harmony with nature. An excellent opportunity to have fun and escape from your daily routine.If you love outdoor activities, why not participate in an educational stroll in the countryside, where you will learn to recognize different plant species, both edible wild herbs and those intended for medicinal use. You’ll rediscover a useful and valuable activity that’s deeply rooted in traditional cooking and medicine, now being revived by up-to-date educational ‘field trips’.The walk will take in meadows, lush fields and densely-enveloping woods where you’ll be able to discover different types of flowers and herbs with heady aromas and scents, bright colours and specific flavour profiles; you’ll train your eyes and your other senses in search of various species, rediscovering the genuine gifts of nature.You’ll be accompanied by our experts, who will be able to give you the information and explanations you need to recognize the different species. At the end of the walk, you will have the chance to create an herbarium with the different species collected during the day and you can round off the day by tasting particular dishes made with the fruit, flowers and herbs collected during the excursion.Whether you participate in the educational walk alone or share it with your family or friends, you’ll enjoy a pleasant and peaceful day rediscovering nature and its precious gifts.At the end of the experience you can taste what you’ve collected and other typical local produce over lunch or dinner (depending on whether you choose the morning or afternoon option) prepared by our collaborators, including two courses and drinks.

Contract terms

Recommended clothing

  • For this activity we recommend comfortable clothing that does not restrict your freedom of movement.
  • Bring a windcheater/anorak with you, even if the activity takes place in the summer months.
  • We recommend you wear trekking footwear.

The activity will last about 5 hours, including small stops. However, the duration may vary depending on the pace of the group and the need to take fewer or more breaks.


  • Italian
  • English
  • French


You can enjoy this experience throughout the year but the herbs and flowers that you will find during the walk will change according to the seasons. In winter a smaller ‘harvest’ should be expected, but the meal/tasting will be equally delicious in every season.


This activity is also suitable for children.

Pet policy

You can enjoy this experience in the company of your four-legged friend.


Get ready to learn and have fun.

Additional informaton

We strongly advise you to bring a camera to take photos of the spectacle of nature that will appear before you.

Impaired mobility

The activity is also suitable for people with motor or other disabilities. In any case, we invite you to discuss your needs with our staff. If you find out that the experience is not suited to you (or others in your group) we will be happy to offer you an alternative activity or a full refund.

What is included
  • Expert guide
  • Lunch/dinner based on the harvest collected during the excursion + typical local products. 2 courses + drinks
What is not included
  • No other equipment is included, so you will need to equip yourself with whatever accessories you feel necessary, such as walking sticks, sunglasses, binoculars, etc.
  • Everything that’s not listed under the heading ‘what is included’.
1 Days

There will be an introduction to the wild herbs from Valnerina. Then We will start the educational wal, picking all the edible wild plants we find. Our guide will expalain everything about what We find and which properties evry plants has. The walk will end again at the starting point where we will taste amazing recipes made  with the harvest from the walk and other product farmed by the agriturism

Via fratelli Cairoli, 24 (06100) Perugia PG