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Cantina Sasso dei Lupi
Cantina Marsciano PG lunedì - sabato: 9.00 13.00 16.00 19.30 MOVIMENTO TURISMO DEL VINO STRADA DEI VINI DEL CANTICO
The company

Since 1959, Sasso dei Lupi has been expressing and promoting the values of quality native vines of the Colli Perugini. Since its inception, the Cooperative has gathered around it a substantial nucleus of winegrowing members from the Marsciano area. Cantina Sasso dei Lupi s.c.a. was born as an evolution from the decades-long journey of one of Umbria's most important cooperatives: Cantina Sociale Colli Perugini. It is from this path that, in 2008, the project to re-found the company, under the new brand name of Sasso dei Lupi, was born. Sasso dei Lupi has had the ability to evolve steadily over time, adapting to the country's great social changes and the dynamics of globalisation and gradually transforming itself from a large producer of tank wines for third parties to a leading player on the Umbrian quality wine scene.

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via C.faina, 16 06055 Marsciano PG
Telephone: +39 0758749523
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