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Cantina Goretti
Cantina Perugia PG
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The Goretti family's vocation in the art of wine is inspired by their love of their territory. It is in the heart of Italy, in the two areas of Umbria most suited for agriculture, that the Goretti Cellars are located, in the hills of Montefalco and in those of the Colli Perugini, immersed in nature and in the green of the vineyards. Sun, rain and wind are in perfect balance, and the ancient bond with traditions handed down from generation to generation blends with today's technological and stylistic innovation. From the synergy between soil, microclimate, vines and human labour, passionate and attentive, Goretti wines are born. Unique, expressive and elegant wines. A great testimony to the territory.

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STRada DEL PINO 4 06132 Perugia PG
Telephone: +39 075 607316
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