View of Perugia
Road bike

From Perugia to Assisi following in the steps of St Francis

Difference in level
1.200 m
75 km
Cycling in Umbria from Perugia to Assisi

Route description

The route is 75 kilometres long with an altitude difference of 1200 metres, but the really challenging part is in the middle, right after Assisi, with the long climb up to San Presto followed by an up-and-down ride to Casa Castalda. From here onwards, the road is almost always downhill or flat. If you feel like a climb and have a taste for discovery, from Assisi take a detour towards the top of Mount Subasio, a serious climb of over 10 kilometres, with an average steepness of more than 8%.

One of the most evocative sections of the route is Assisi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you will not want to miss the Great Fortress and the beauty of the old town, with the Basilica di Santa Chiara , the San Domenico convent and the splendid Basilica di San Francesco