Wine and oil

Vini Doc e Docg Orvieto


Perched on a magnificent tuff stone cliff, the town of Orvieto stands on a site that was inhabited even before the Etruscan settlements. Annexed to the Papal States in the 15th century, it was long considered a favourite of many Roman Popes. Testimony to its central role within the Church is the Cathedral, one of the most beautiful examples in Italy and a masterpiece of Italian Gothic architecture.

Wine has always played a central role in the region's economy. "L'Orvieto" became known as the "wine of the Popes", and was one of the main resources that funded the construction of the town's cathedral.  As in other parts of Umbria, extra-virgin olive oil has always played an important part in the local economy, and has even earned itself the status of a "sub-zone" named "Colli Orvietani".