Wine and oil

Vini Doc e Docg Colli del Trasimeno


Lake Trasimeno is the fourth-largest lake in Italy. Its name comes from an ancient Etruscan legend which tells of a prince's love for a nymph. Compared by Lord Byron to a "sheet of silver", countless poets, painters and travellers have been captivated by the romantic charm of this lake over the centuries.

Characterised by cypress trees, gently-rolling hills and rural buildings, the Trasimeno Hills make way for the characteristic landscapes of nearby Tuscany.  In this area, fishing has always provided one of the main forms of sustenance. Eel, carp, whitebait, pike, perch and tench are characteristic of this area, together with oil and wine (the Gamay and Grechetto in particular), and make up the gastronomic picture of an area rich in natural resources.