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Vettor Pisani - Viaggio ai confini della mente

The exhibition "Vettor Pisani - Viaggio ai confini della mente" (Vettor Pisani - Journey to the Edge of the Mind) will be inaugurated on Saturday 8 June at the CIAC in Foligno and will be open until 22 September 2024.
The exhibition, dedicated to Vettor Pisani, one of the most representative artists of the international contemporary art scene between the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, includes more than 50 carefully selected masterpieces from the 1970s and those of the subsequent production, which was very intense until the author's death. 
It will also be possible to view rare photographic material relating to the documentation of performances that are otherwise unrepeatable. 
During the exhibition, Vettor Pisani's voice, preserved in six magnetic tapes, will be broadcast in the background. 
The exhibition is curated by Italo Tomassoni, who had a long association with the artist who, for long and repeated periods, was his guest in Foligno. 
The works come from various collections and, for the most conspicuous part, from the collection of the Fondazione Morra in Naples, the Museo Vettor Pisani in Caggiano and the Pieroni-Stiefelmeier collection in Rome; as well as from the Jacorossi Collection in Rome, Cardelli and Fontana in Sarzana, and Paneghini in Busto Arsizio. 
For further information:
website: CIAC Foligno

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