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The Castle of Reschio

The Castle of Reschio

It is located on the border of the territory of Perugia with Tuscany, in the town of Lisciano Niccone, on a hill about 3 km from the State of the Niccone Valley. It was built before 1000 and in 1200 it belonged to the Marquis del Monte.

It is told, in fact, that in 1202 Uguccione and Guido, sons of Marquis Raniero, granted and subjugated to Perugia, among others, the area of Reschio. In the Middle Ages it was long disputed by the lords of Perugia, Florence and Città di Castello for its strategic position. It is in a good state of conservation and still, after the repeated renovations it has been subjected to, maintains its Renaissance characteristics.  Inside is the parish church of Reschio dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, which since the fourteenth century depends on the priority church of Preggio.



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