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Along the River Tiber to visit the WWF
Road bike

ROUTE 10 - Along the River Tiber to visit the WWF "oasis" at Lake Alvian

Total ascent
300 m
26 km
An easy and almost entirely flat route, along the course of the Tiber on the border between Umbria and Lazio, a stone's throw from the WWF Oasis of Lake Alviano, a privileged place for birdwatching.
Start Alviano Scalo
Arrival Alviano Scalo
Distance 26 km
Total ascent 300 m
Difficulty easy
Surface asphalt
Recommended bike road, hybrid
Places to visit in the area Alviano, Lake Alviano WWF Oasis, Attigliano, Guardea, Giove.

Route 10 starts from Alviano Station, and represents one of the easiest rides presented in this guide, being relatively short and almost entirely flat. It follows the course of the River Tiber along the border between the two regions of Umbria and Lazio, just a short distance from the World Wildlife Fund “Oasis” of Lake Alviano, a nature reserve of some 900 hectares that is extremely popular with birdwatchers.

Starting off from Alviano Station, you cycle in the direction of Attigliano and Viterbo, and after 400 metres, you leave the main SP11 road, and turn left onto a minor road through the open countryside, which leads to Attigliano (km. 9.5), a medieval village situated in the Tiber Valley. From here, bear right and follow the signs to Bomarzo and Viterbo: as you cycle along this section of the ride, you will find yourself cycling for a few kilometres beyond Umbria’s borders, in the neighbouring Lazio region.

At km. 12.6, cross the bridge over the Tiber and turn right onto the SP19, in the direction of Alviano, Sipicciano and Castiglione in Teverina. The road is completely flat here, following as it does the course of the Tiber, and winds through woods and fields until you get to km.23, where you turn right and ride back along the road towards Alviano. Another 3 kilometres on and you will be back at your starting point in Alviano: at this point, if you still have a little energy to spare, you could bear right and cycle the 2 kilometres up the hill to the centre of Alviano (the actual climb is quite short, but rather steep at times). Alviano is a small medieval town boasting a large 15th century Castle, and wonderful views across the Tiber Valley.

The most important building in the area is Alviano Castle (Rocca di Alviano), built in 1495, which currently houses the Town Hall, the Bartolomeo d’Alviano Multimedial Museum (il Museo Multimediale di Bartolomeo d’Alviano e dei Capitani di ventura umbri), the Alviano Oasis Audiovisual Centre, and the Museum of Rural Civilisation. The main attraction in the Lake Alviano area is the WWF Oasis: this nature reserve covering some 900 hectares features nature trails that enable visitors to observe the local flora and fauna from special birdwatching hides, towers and walkways, and there is even an outdoor classroom for school parties. Attigliano, an ancient Etruscan town, features a series of interesting monuments, including a watchtower, the Fontana dei Delfini, and a medieval castle. The ancient village of Guardea, complete with castle (Castello di Guardea Vecchia) is situated just a short distance from Attigliano.