Theatre, prestigious wedding location

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Getting married has never been so... theatrical

If marriage has always been par excellence the most profoundly sincere act towards the loved person, it's also true that there is a way outside the ordinary to say Yes I do .. acting (but not too much!). 

Concordia's Theatre

A small typically Italian gem rises in the small Umbrian village of Monte Castello di Vibio, enclosed in less than 100 square metres.

The Concordia's theatre is the world smallest theatre; built in 1808, it reproduces in miniature the typical Italian theatre structure, in true goldonian style, keeping its proportions and an high-level acoustic.

The typical wooden structure supports two tiers of stages and a platea for a total of just 99 spectators.

All its peculiarities make it a true exclusive artwork, and it also recently became an original location to getting married at the theatre.

Spouses who "put on stage" their most important day can adopt the most original and creative solutions to entertain friends and relatives.

Singing, acting love poems or dancing; there are those who choose the fairy tale, with the triumphant arrival on board of an elegant white horses-drawn coach, whereas other ones choose to make a jump back in time wearing the historical costumes of the medieval Monte Castello.


The Mancinelli Theatre

The Mancinelli Theatre is an elegant and refined place where saying the fateful "Yes" and in which the whole festival turns into a theatre invitation.

Few steps from the Orvieto's Dom, the Mancinelli Theatre presents itself as a neoclassical building, considered as a wonderful architectural example among the Italian theatres of the 19th century.

The location where the civil ceremony is celebrated is the very elegant foyer, located on the noble floor. The foyer, that is particularly welcoming, includes a beautiful gallery with an entirely frescoed barrel vault that is also the ideal location to set up the wedding feast.

The wedding rings' exchange takes place traditionally in the central hall, whereas the platea is the most suggestive area where taking pictures like the true stage's stars.

There's no better location than the most suggestive Umbrian theatres to feel the true protagonists of your most beautiful day.