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Flavours and nature in Orvieto and around Lake Corbara

Discover Umbria's typical produce and wines: the unmissable qualities of Orvieto and Lake Corbara.


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On the shores of Lake Corbara some of the region's most prestigious wine-makers are located in this area, producing an excellent wine by working the lands between Baschi and Montecchio, famous especially for their red wines, perfect accompaniments to meat and game dishes.

Lake Corbara is also a real haven for sports enthusiasts. Here, it is possible to practice canyoning, sport fishing, and kayaking. If instead you're after something quieter to do, we suggest a cultural visit to Orvieto, just a few miles away.

This town dates back from Etruscan towns, around the 9th century BC, as testified by the tuff grottoes carved into the hill on which the town is built.

An absolute must-see is Orvieto's Duomo, an example of a successful cross between Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. The Duomo's construction began in 1290 and completed by Lorenzo Maitani, who also authored its refined fa├žade. The Palazzi dei Papi, instead, are palaces erected in the 13th century and dedicated to three popes: Urban IV, Martin IV, and Boniface VIII.

Having taken a walk in the open air, we recommend a tour of the subterranean city, the underground side of Orvieto rich in wells and grottoes, the most famous of which is the one dedicated to St. Patrick.

Here too the gourmets among you will find something of interest to them: among the area's most important recipes, we find the palomba alla leccarda, cacciatora style chicken, and roast pigeon. For dessert, try the ciambellone with aniseed.