Valentine’s Day, Love is Umbria

On 14th February all the world celebrates Love, in the day devoted to Saint Valentine, protector of all lovers.

On 14th February all the world celebrates Love, in the day devoted to Saint Valentine, protector of all lovers.

In Umbria celebrations are particularly felt: maybe not everyone knows that Terni was the birthplace of the Saint, whose remains are currently preserved within the basilica just outside the historical centre. 

The Saint

It was the year 197 A.D., when the Valentine Bishop became the father of Terni’s population, so giving life to the several legends surrounding his figure. Certainly the most famous legend concerns the legionary Sabin and the extremely beautiful Serapia, a couple of young lovers that the bishop wedded against every obstacle and difficulty, so to enshrine his role as Protector of lovers.

In memory of Saint Valentine, the 14th February, anniversary of his death, turned from a day devoted to the ancient pagan rites of purification (“Lupercali”) to a day that is universal symbol of love.

Today the remains of the bishop are currently preserved within the Basilica sanctuary of Terni, where each year dozens of lovers meet at the “Feast of the Promise” (the Sunday before the 14th February). It’s the occasion for all intending spouses to renew the ancient promise in the footsteps of Sabino and Serapia, swearing to love each other of an everlasting, brave and faithful love. 


Umbria, Land of Love

Therefore, Umbria enshrines its role as land of love, a central thread leading us to Perugia, the capital city of chocolate and homeland of the famous Bacio Perugina. This sweet creation, born from the genius of Luisa Spagnoli, summarises, in the inimitable flavour of its chocolate and in the small love cards under its starry enclosure, the combination between passion and typical quality of the Umbrian gastronomical products, whose chocolate is the main protagonist.

Not just in the kitchen, but also in the crafts Umbria shows us its thousand love facets. The goldsmith’s art, a very ancient know-how rooted in the history of territory, gives life to refined jewels that combine tradition and modernity, conceptual research and design. An example of ancient sweetness is the Holy Ring of Perugia, the sacred ring that was donated, according to the legend, from Giuseppe to Maria, and is now located in the chest of the St. Lawrence’s Cathedral in Perugia. 



If you are looking for ideas about how to spend Valentine’s Day, here you will find a lot of tips to spend it in Umbria: from celebrations in honour of the Saint in Terni, the city of Love, to the most romantic itineraries to the discovery of cultural treasures of the Italian Green Heart, through a series of proposals for couples, without forgetting food and wine, in line with the traditional flavours.