St. Valentine, Umbria is love

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It was the 197 after Christ, when the Bishop Valentine became Terni's people father, so giving life to several legends surrounding his character. The most famous legend is for sure the one concerning the legionary Sabino and the beautiful Serapia, two young lovers married by the bishop against every hindrance and difficulty. In that way he confirmed his role of Lovers' Protector. In memory of St. Valentine, February 14, his death's anniversary, turned from a day devoted to the ancient pagane rites of purification ("Lupercali") to a day symbol of universal love.

Nowadays the bishop's remains are preserved inside the Terni's Basilica and sanctuary, where every year dozens of lovers meet at the "Feast of the Promise" (on Sunday before February 14). This is the occasion for all future brides and grooms to renew the ancient promise on the footsteps of Sabino and Serapia, swearing to love each other forever, with courage and loyalty.

Umbria confirms, in that way, its love's land role, a central thread leading us until Perugia, the chocolate capital and homeland of the famous Bacio Perugina.

This sweet creation, derived from Luisa Spagnoli's genius, sums up in the inimitable taste of its chocolate and in the love notes underlying its starry envelope, the mix between passion and quality, typical feature of Umbrian gastronomy perfectly exemplified by chocolate.

Umbria shows us its thousands love's aspects not only in the cuisine, but also in the handcraft. Goldsmith's art, a very ancient knowledge rooted in the territory's history, gives life to elegant jewels combining tradition and modernity, conceptual research and design. An example of ancient sweetness is Perugia's Holy Ring, a sacred ring given by Giuseppe to Maria, according to the legend, and now lying in the casket of Perugia St Lorenzo's Cathedral. 

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