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Flavours and scents of Montecchio and Orvieto

Discover two Umbrian cities rich in history and culture, without neglecting taste: here is what you can't miss.

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If you're true foodies, you'll know that Umbria, as well as being a natural paradise rich in history, is also rich in authentic flavours. Everywhere in the region you will find a long culinary tradition, and much more beyond the delights of the palate. An example of this is Montecchio, a small town on the slopes of Mount Croce di Serra, not far from the lakes of Alviano e Corbara.

Going into the town centre you immediately breathe in an air of a glorious past which continues to glow in the streets and alleyways dating back from Etruscan times. If you're passing by here, the famous necropolis, dating from between the 6th and the 4th centuries BC, definitely deserves a visit.

If instead you'd rather walk around the countryside, it is possible to visit the ruins of Carnano castle, or Palazzo Ancajani, an outlying hamlet of the town of Tenaglie.

After an excursion this rich in history and art, we can definitely take a culinary break. Luckily for us, Montecchio boasts an enviable collection of local recipes. It is not by chance that the town is also part of the Città dell'Olio (Cities of Oil) organization, thanks to the excellent extra-virgin olive oil that is produced here.

But there's more: wine, chestnuts, cured meats, and game meat complete an assortment that is sure to impress you.

Let us move to Orvieto, a collection of churches and monuments, reminders of the power of the former Papal State. As well as the Duomo and the Pozzo di San Patrizio, built according to a project authored by Antonio da Sangallo the Young, also worth mentioning is the Città Sotterranea (Underground City), an evocative underground treasure.

Here too we find plenty of opportunities to delight our palate: oil, cheeses, honey, and refined meat products are just waiting for you to sample them. And there's more: truffle, pigeon stew, a porchetta rabbit, ‘drunken' hen… You'll be spoiled for choice.