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The Castelluccio Plains are a karst and alluvial plateau of the Umbria-Marches Appennines.
Located at about 1350 metres above the sea level, the Plains are three and cover a surface of 15 square kilometres: the Big Plain (in the province of Perugia), the Small Plain (in the province of Perugia) and the Lost Plain (in the province of Macerata).
The Big Plain, that extends for about 7 km with an average width of 3 km and an altitude ranging from 1300 to 1252 m, is the major karst plateau in Italy, after the Plain of Fucino and is entirely surrounded by the ridges of the Sibillini Mountains. The origin of the valley stems from the lowering of the underlying rock masses, in contrast with raising movements that gave origin to the ridge of Vector Mountain.
The main karsic morphologies consist of different bowl-shaped sinkholes with a waterproof bottom and supplied with water for many months of the year, funnel-shaped dolines with a waterproof bottom and especially a grain-shaped sinkhole from the Mergani Ditch ending in a natural sinkhole where the rainwater go. The Plains are famous for the Blossoming that, between May and June, makes all the area colourful thanks to poppies, cornflowers, daisies and lentils.
Castelluccio and its plateau are the perfect shelter for mountain’s lovers: beyond the air sports, such as the hang-gliding, the snow-kite and the paragliding, it’s possible to practice many outdoor activities both for experts and beginners, such as trekking, nordic walking and horse rides.