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The Tiber River Park

The Tiber River Park: lush vegetation along the banks, Corbara Lake and the remains of ancient peoples 

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Before it becomes the great river of Rome further south, the Tiber runs through Umbria giving life to an important River Park in the area of Todi and Orvieto

For thousands of years, the Tiber has determined the course of history and born witness to many civilizations, starting with the Umbrians and the Etruscans, and was the main conduit which permitted the Romanisation of the region. Later on, in the Middle Ages, the area was dotted with castles, fortified villages and historical centres many of which have remained virtually intact to this day.
This is why the Park area is home to the remnants of various historical periods.
Treat yourselves to a tour following the Tiber River: you'll breathe the clean air and enjoy the nature as you also visit some remarkable villages like Civitella del Lago, a town that has retained all the allure of a fortified medieval village with a compact urban layout. You'll reach one of several panoramic view points and get a chance to see the most beautiful part of the Park: Corbara Lake, an artificial body of water created by a 641 m long dam built in the 1960s to contain the waters of the Tiber.

When you tire of walking and want to see the surrounding environment from another perspective, hop onto a boat at the Salviano dock and enjoy an excursions over Corbara Lake and the Tiber. The boat will take you to the centre of the Lake and then turns left into a high-sided gully, the Campione Gorge. Perched far above you, after the first bend, you'll see the town of Titignano, a gorgeous terrace over the Lake. The sides of the gully go higher as you proceed, gorgeous, regal, magnificent - the rocky strata of the Forello Gorge. The calcareous nature of these reliefs reveal deep circular whirlpools not unlike sink-holes. The Alviano Oasis is also of great importance. It is an artificial swampland that provides a rich ecosystem to birds and has become a paradise for birdwatchers.

The Tiber River park offers plenty of opportunities to practice sports of all sorts. If you are a caving enthusiast you must go down the Piana Caves, which you can access once you've reached Titignano. You'll be hungry after your underground excursion, so we suggest you sample some Sandra in Porchetta: an oven-roasted perch, or Sandra, as the locals call it. 

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