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Landscape of olive groves on the hills of Spoleto and Assisi
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Landscape of olive groves on the hills of Spoleto and Assisi

An area undoubted interest in landscape, art and architecture and which offers one of the best and most prized products of Umbria: PDO olive oil of the Assisi-Spoleto Hills.

Walking through Umbria, you notice stretches of olive trees on hillsides: they produce some of the best and most valuable extra virgin olive oils in Italy. We invite you to discover one of the places of Umbria's PDO olive oil: the hills of Assisi-Spoleto: i Colli di Assisi-Spoleto.



The soil in this area is particularly fertile for cultivating the Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino olive varieties, producing oil of unparalleled quality, with colour ranging from green to yellow, with a strong fruity smell and flavour, with a bitter and spicy note.

The area of the Assisi-Spoleto hills deserves a visit of one or several days, not only to know and taste the delicious liquid gold, but also because there are beautiful towns such as Trevi, Spello, Spoleto, Assisi, Campello sul Clitunno and Foligno. You are spoilt for choice: you can choose each of these villages and discover the beautiful historic centres, art and surrounding landscapes. Stop for a meal in an area trattoria and choose a dish finished with delicious raw olive oil, such as spelt salad, bruschetta or roasted mushrooms; you will immediately recognize the taste and spicy note that characterize it.One of the best periods to explore the production of oil in Umbria is the month of November, the month of Frantoi aperti, Open days at the oil mills. Every weekend of the month, participating oil mills welcome visitors with guided tours, tastings, concerts and much more. The program of events changes from year to year and attracts tourists from all over Italy. 



All you have to do is go, and enjoy your tasting!