Wine and oil

Extra-virgin Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Umbria olive oil


Umbria is the first Italian region to have obtained recognition of PDO for all the regional territory.  The Umbria PDO is subdivided into 5 geographical areas. The mention of one of the following areas on the oil's labelling: Assisi Spoleto Hills, Martani Hills, Amerini Hills, Orvietani Hills, Trasimeno Hills, is mandatory. Each area has different soil and climatic conditions, different varieties of olives, and specific geography, agricultural techniques and oil production methods.
All the sub-areas are subjected to identical, rigorous standards regarding the minimum acidity level, not to be higher than 0.65% (as opposed to 0.8% for most extra-virgin oils), and a tasting panel controls the organoleptic characteristics. 
The oil must be at a temperature of around 28 degrees Celsius to facilitate the perception of volatile components such as flavours and smells. 
Try warming the oil by holding the glass in one hand and covering it with the other. Bring the glass to your nose and breathe in deeply.  Then try a few drops, without ingesting them: by inhaling the air so that it comes into contact with the taste buds.  
Below are the flavours of the main cultivars of Umbria. 

MORAIOLO: the nose is fruity and vegetal, rich with flavours of fresh olive and notes of aromatic herbs, followed by a strong hint of bitterness and spiciness on the palate.
FRANTOIO: a persistent and elegant presence of freshly cut grass, with harmonious hints of unripe apple accompanied by a taste sensation of bitterness and spiciness.
LECCINO: the nose features delicate fruitiness, suggesting floral and ripe fruit notes, accompanied on the palate by harmonious sensations of sweet almond and gentle bitterness and spiciness. 
SAN FELICE: bold and delicate sensations of country grass and artichoke, emphasised on tasting by a harmonious and light sensation of bitterness and spiciness. 
DOLCIA AGOGIA:  the nose presents rich, soft tones of almond and artichoke, and the taste reveals a pleasant sensation of bitterness and spiciness.