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Spotlights on Burri

Spotlights on Burri

Città di Castello has been celebrating each year since 2015 the anniversary that marked the celebrations of Alberto Burri's birth centenary, by launching the initiative of "12th March", his birthday, at the Museum dedicated to him in the former Tobacco Dryers.

Also this year, with the exhibition "Spotlights on Burri - Photographs and photo portraits of Alberto Burri from 1954 to 1993", the Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri has conceived and realized an event that not only recalls Burri, but that, for the first time, makes a comprehensive survey of the major and most diligent professionals of photography who have portrayed him at different times and circumstances of his life.

The portraits, starting in the 1950s, in which Burri began to consolidate his artistic career, scrutinize and fix in prints of great intensity and historical value, expressions, actions, places, contacts, habits and solitary moments of the great artist. For him painting represented a choice of life, a radical commitment without compromise with the authenticity of his poetic vocation.

On the occasion of this exhibition, a further 2,300 square metres of new museum spaces will be opened to the public, suitably brought up to standard at the former tobacco dryers. This location, besides the planned event, is going to host future initiatives aimed at deepening the study and knowledge of Burri's work and the influence played by him on contemporary art.

The exhibition is going to include, among the many professional photographers identified, photographic works by Amendola, Basilico, Bavagnoli, Benelli, Cantini, Colombo, Contino, De Martiis, Drudi, Fabbri, Gatti, Gendel, Gorgons, Kuni, Lanfranco, Lazarus, Linke, Loy, McHugh, Mihich, Muchnik, Mulas, Parisi, Patellani, Powell, Rossi, Roth, Sanders, Sarisson, Sommelius, Thomas, Vaccaro, Villers, Visca, Vogler, Zavattini.

The schedule includes guided tours and a series of conferences on the work of some of the photographers who have worked regularly with the Master.

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