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The Enigma Of The Master Of Saint Francis: the 13th Century Umbrian Stil Novo

From 10 March to 9 June 2024 the exhibition entitled 'The Enigma of the Master of Saint Francis. Lo stil novo del Duecento umbro'.

The exhibition represents an extraordinary opportunity to understand the religious, cultural and artistic fervour that during the 13th century made Umbria - in particular the Assisi-Perugia-Orvieto "triangle" - the fulcrum of a bursting renewal destined to radiate throughout Europe, strong above all from the impetus given by the birth of the Franciscan movement and the rise of the Assisi architectural complex destined to house the remains of the Saint.

Among the greatest interpreters of this revolution inspired by the figure of Francis was a painter whose identity is still mysterious today, but whose style reached very high levels of quality and great communicative capacity, known today as the 'Master of St. Francis', who gave a fundamental impulse to the spread of the message of brotherhood of the 'poor man' of Assisi, translating it into images capable of conveying the Franciscan spirit and concept. He is absolutely one of the greatest painters of 13th century Italy, after Giunta Pisano and before Cimabue, with whom he can be directly compared in terms of the level of his ideas and painting.

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