Traditional recipes



Flour 250 gr
Sugar 100 gr
Extra-virgin Olive oil, half a glass 
A pinch of salt 
Almonds 50 gr
Sultana 100 gr
Walnut kernels 10
3 Apples 
Prunes 40 gr
Dried figs 40 gr

The “attorta” is a typical Umbrian cake made up of a puff pastry stuffed with apples and other ingredients, rolled-up on itself and spiral-shaped. 

Knead 250 g flour with 100 g sugar, half a glass oil, a pinch of salt and a little lukewarm water. Once the dough proves to be thicker, roll out a thin layer and cover it with 50g of sweet crushed almonds, some of which bitter, 100 g of sultana (previously softened up in some water and then squeezed), some walnut kernels, 3 chopped apples, some prunes as well as dried figs cut into pieces.

Dust with sugar and roll up the pastry on itself, so to form a long twisted snake.

The popular imagination goes wild in the decoration of this cake: 2 cherries or 2 coffee beans for the snake’s eyes, one almond for the mouth’s protruding tongue, colourful sprinkles for the scales.

Bake the long snake into a moderate oven for about 40 minutes.