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International Journalism's Festival - 11th edition

International Journalism's Festival - 11th edition

The usual appointment with information promoted by the International Journalism's Festival is taking place also this year in Perugia. The 11th edition is going to start on the 5th April, throughout 5 days of manifold activities, until the 9th April. 

The festival's schedule includes hundreds of events and several guests: meetings and debates will fill the days of the festival that today became the most important European Media Event.

The event, born in 2006 from the desire of its founders, Arianna Ciccone and Christopher Potter, to talk about journalism, information and press freedom beyond its traditional modalities, has its biggest strenght in the novelty of the model that represents its foundation.

Inspired by the ideas and proposals of all participants, whether professionals, readers or students, it gives shape to the stream of reflections generated by this exchange: a formula that makes very dynamic this voluntary meeting between international opinions and cultures.

The Festival will take place in the Perugia's historical center's spaces, the theatres, auditoriums and conferences' halls, but also along the town's streets that throughout the five days of the festival will live and breath the same spirit as well as the cultural boost that move the event and motivate to participate.

The public and speakers coming from all over the world will face topics linked both to the journalistic reflection and to the current themes.

Never like in this 2017 edition the event's heart will be people. Citizens from all over the world with stories, news and experiences to share will meet in the Umbrian main town: beyond 600 speakers will speak about Trump's USA, Duterte's Philippines, through Africa, Middle East and obviously Europe.

Among the many names it's worth remembering Cameron Barr, Giovanni Floris, Corrado Formigli, Barbara Serra, Milena Gabanelli, Riccardo Iacona, Giuseppe Cruciani, Manuel Agnelli, Mark Thompson, and still Alan Friedman, John Sweeney, Carlo Lucarelli, Larry Siems.

Importance will be also given to theatre, publishing, movies, documentaries, presentations and workshops. 

For further information and the complete schedule:

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