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Lake Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno amidst legend, art, sport and food and wine

Likened by Lord Byron to a silver veil, Lake Trasimeno, Italy's fourth largest lake, has fascinated countless poets, painters and travellers over the centuries.

It is said that its name derives from an ancient tragic legend involving the love between Prince Trasimeno, son of the Etruscan king Tirreno, and the nymph Agilla, feeling born right around this stretch of water. The groom disappears into the lake the day after the wedding and the nymph searches for him in vain, until he dies of exhaustion and pain. Since then, in the wind and waves of Lake Trasimeno, there would still be, according to legend, the lament and the frantic search for Agilla.

In the municipalities overlooking the lake, or in the many places from which it can be admired, we can discover surprising works of art and still authentic forms of craftsmanship.

An interesting military fortress can be found, for instance, in Castiglione del Lago and bears the name Rocca del Leone. From the top of its ancient walls, one can see Lake Trasimeno from every possible angle. And again, one can explore the village of Città della Pieve, where the great Renaissance painter Pietro Vannucci known as 'il Perugino' was born and left works of inestimable value.

Not to be missed, in terms of handicrafts, are the Glass Museum in Piegaro, the Tulle Museum in Panicale and the Lace Museum in Isola Maggiore, at Tuoro sul Trasimeno.

The lake can also be explored by taking a boat trip or a walk, bike or horseback ride. Along its banks, you will find yourself in front of a lush nature of reeds and white water lilies, where wild ducks, cormorants, kites and kingfishers flock: a natural paradise in large part still uncontaminated.

In its waters, as the many foreign tourists also know, various water sports such as kitesurfing, canoeing and sailing can be practised.

For anyone wishing to take a break with good food, there are excellent lake fish dishes, such as the Persico Reale and a unique product, recognised as a Slow Food Presidium, the Fagiolina del Trasimeno, as well as the prized Saffron of Città della Pieve. Lastly, a real food and wine tour not to be missed is the Colli del Trasimeno Wine Route, featuring the area's excellent wines such as Gamay and Grechetto.

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