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Roman Forum of Assisi

Roman Forum of Assisi

The starting point of your immersion in the bowels of Assisi is via Portica at street number 2, in piazza del Comune.

From here, going down for four meters, you can access the underground that passes through the Romanesque crypt of the former church of Saint Nicolò “de platea” dotted with artifacts as capitals, coffins and Roman times inscriptions, from Assisi or from the surrounding areas.

Continue for a narrow passageway along the foundation wall of the Temple of the Minerva, of the first century B.C., overlooking the overlying space with its elegant colonnade. 

It opens to your eyes, in all its extension, the Roman Forum, beating heart of the Roman Assisi, where took place the political, administrative and economic affairs related to the community and where citizens could attend. It was found during excavations made in 1836.

This area has been transformed into a real archaeological museum with several testimonials dating back among the second century B.C. and the second – third century A.D.

In addition to the well preserved flooring realized with local limestone large slabs, you can watch the temple basement with the access doors to the porch, a monumental cistern, a podium with seats for magistrates, a tetrastyle small temple dedicated to Dioscuri children of Zeus, Castor Pollux, and the tabernae, some large spaces which Romans devoted to commercial activities. In a second space you can also admire three marble statues found in this region, whose one of them is attributed to the goddess Minerva. 

To have a greater perception of this ancient urban space, which according to experts measured over one hundred meters, growing for all the overlying place extension, you can make use of the multimedia stand placed along the museum itinerary, which helps to perfectly recreate the Forum environments and to make you better understand how social life was at that time.

Actually the Roman Forum is open only on Saturday, on Sunday and on festive days from 12.00 p.m. to 06.00 p.m. Any other day you have to reserve your entrance by calling +39 075 8138680.

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