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International Journalism Festival

International Journalism Festival

From 17 to 21 April 2024, the International Journalism Festival returns with its 18th edition that will transform Perugia into the global capital of information. The historic city centre will see more than 500 speakers from all over the world, ready to take turns at the microphones of the almost 200 scheduled events.

Among the topics of this edition is first and foremost war with particular reference to the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. Prominent international journalists and correspondents in conflict zones will be present, such as Motaz Azaiza (Palestinian photojournalist), Noa Landau and Hanin Mzajadli from the progressive Israeli daily Haaretz. And again Alona Vinograd (ceo of Shomrim), Sevgil Musaieva (director of the Ukrainian daily Ukrainska), Vivian Schiller (director of Aspen Digital), Nello Scavo, Bruno Montesano, Francesca Mannocchi, Paola Caridi and many others.
Another hot topic will be elections in the year in which about half the world's population will be called upon to vote (in Europe, Russia, the United States, Iran, etc.).
There will be numerous meetings not to be missed. Among others, the one with Paul Caruana Galizia, investigative journalist, Ros Atkins, BBC news editor, Roberto Saviano and Federica Sciarelli, voice and face of the programme Chi l'ha visto?
'How editors in exile operate from abroad' will be the theme of another unmissable section, while there is anticipation for the meetings that will be devoted to the very topical issues of artificial intelligence and climate change. There will also be a focus on women and, therefore, on the debate devoted to the themes of patriarchy, feminicide, sexist stereotypes, etc.
Another focus will be on 'diversity' to address issues such as emancipation, racism, discrimination and prejudice.

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