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Festival of the Woods 2022

Nine Sundays to discover as many forests of Umbria, their stories, animals and plants that populate them through recreational activities, hiking and cultural involving adults and children.

It starts Sunday, May 8 discovering Porano with a meeting with boks for children at the Park of Villa Paolina, by the Volunteers Nati per Leggere Umbria with the participation of the BIBLIOBUS of the Cooperative soc. ''Il Quadrifoglio'' of Orvieto. For info and reservation: Tel. 339.5921880

Guided tours of the Historic Center of Porano, the Golini Tombs and a virtual tour of the Hescanas Tomb. To conclude the day, a guided outdoor tasting of different types of honey. For info and reservations: Tel. 347.6923043 

Sunday, May 15, walk with historical and naturalistic guide to know the Forabosco of Collestrada in Perugia with a musical moment on the cleating, lunch for everyone with local products, meetings, workshops, animations for all ages. For info and reservations: Tel. 335.5375501-Tel. 348.3315883-Tel.338.839350 

Sunday, May 22 in the Wood of Piegaro wood sculptors and painters will compete in an artistic symposium accompanied by music, a walk with tasting of typical products, readings of the Divine Comedy and susequent guided tour of the Glass Museum or the Paleontological Museum. Thre will be activities for children, with a meeting with the books by the Volunteers Nati per leggere Umbria and the Intercomunal Library ''Ulisse'', guided tours of the forest and an innovative laboratory of green coding with Cooperativa Densa. To conclude the brass quintet of the Perusia brass band will perform in concert. For info and reservations: Tel.346.1263483 

Sunday, May 29, in the Park of Colfiorito in Foligno you can start with a sensory trekking for children with a story. For info and reservations: 338.9235119

To follow an emotional walk to discover the biodiversity of the woods in collaboration with Arpa Umbria, edited by Gmp Gaia Aps. For info and reservations: 338.5876122

You can then visit with a guide the Archaeological Museum of Colfiorito  by CoopCulture. For info and reservations: 0742.681198-3350584

You will discover the alboreal species of the woods in collaboration with Carabinieri Nucleo Forestale Reparto Biodiversità and the participation of the forestry expert Dr. Maurizio Conticelli.  For info and reservations: 339.7743826

To conclude meeting with books for children. For info and reservations: 348.3528532









Sunday, June 5, to experience and learn about the Bosco di San Francesco in Assisi with all the senses, there will be carpentry and sensory workshops. In the company of the WILDUMBRIA you will learn to recognize the signs that animals leave along the paths. We will go into the discovery of art in nature with paintings made of materials of the forest and the call of birds, encouraging children to be so curious and creative. For info and reservations: 

Sunday, June 12, in the Wood of Santa Cristina, the Fattoria Didattica Gli Allori will do various activities walks to discover new flowers and learn about local animals with a typical food and wine proposal for the break, even for vegetarians. For info and reservations: Tel.339.2568845-Tel. 338.84206889

At the Canto dell'Asino Farm, we will then delve into the birth and evolution of landscape painting, in the approach to hand weaving and a trekking someggiato.For info and reservations: Tel.328.9575670

At the farm Guinzano, we will meet to pass on the pollen as a precious gift, with dinner by reservation. And to conclude a Conference of Art and History in Gubbio.For info and reservations: Tel. 348.2254701

Sunday 19th June, in Marsciano, a guided tour to the Fortress of Sant'Apollinare

For info and reservations: Tel. 

An afternoon and a night dedicated to the knowledge of the Boschi Sereni, ''caskets'' of the biodiversity of Umbria with excursions guided by an artist and a naturalist to observe, recognize and draw the trees live, not missing food and wine tastings of dishes prepared with organic products. To finish in beauty a night walk to discover the forest life.

For info and reservations: Tel. 0759711077-Tel. 


Sunday, July 3, in the woods of the Park of Mount Subasio in Spello, the day will start with nature hikes and hiking trails by the Italian Alpine Club and the Association GMP GAIA APS.

For info and reservations: Tel.


Sunday, July 10, the cycle of meetings will end with a fun treasure hunt to learn about the characteristics and curiosities of the fauna of the Bosco di Monteluco in Spoleto and other laboratory activities, naturalistic animations, meeting and listening to the ultrasounds of the fascinating nocturnal creatures of the bats to know them better and dispel many beliefs related to these feared and mysterious animals.

For info and reservations: Tel.3492254072-


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