Bastia Umbra

Church of San Paolo - Bastia Umbra

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Piazza Matteotti, 18 - Loggia dei Lanari - 06121 Perugia
The Church of San Paolo of Abbadesse is located outside of thetown core of Bastia Umbra, now annexed to the municipal cemetery, built in 1862 and is situated near the confluence of the stream Tescio the river Chiascio.

The church, built between the XI and XII centuries, was connected to a Benedictine monastery under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Assisi. In 1212, at the request of San Francesco of Assisi, he received for a few weeks Santa Chiara of Assisi, to defend her by her family that many times, even in a violent way, tried to take her home.
The Romanesque church has a gabled fa├žade with a single entrance portal surmounted by a lancet window and a belfry with a single bell. The semicircular apse, externally decorated with half-columns, shelves and arches, has at its center a mullioned window surmounted by a relief with two doves. The church has a single nave with wooden roof beams exposed. In the apse there are fragments of the Perugia school frescoes depicting a Madonna and Child with San Paolo and San Benedetto. On the walls trace remains of walled doors, maybe once put into communication with the church, the monastery was destroyed in 1389.
In a corner of the apse there is the column to whom Santa Chiara grabbed when her family wanted to take away.