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Parco Museo vulcanologico - San Venanzo
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Discovering minerals and stones in the San Venanzo Volcanic Park.

History of the Earth: the Volcanic Park of San Venanzo

Come to visit with your family, ideally in the spring: the Volcanic Park of San Venanzo is open every Sunday (in fall and winter you need to book a guided tour).

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Not far from Marsciano is a place where time and history have left evident traces on the land. About 265,000 years ago, the volcanic activity of three craters redesigned the geology and morphology of the area that is now the Volcanic Park of San Venanzo.

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This is a vast protected area, amongst the most impressive in the province of Terni, where you can see traces of geological activity together with the mark man has left on the land, a truly unique landscape.

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San Venanzo

Along one of the crests formed after the last eruption is the town of San Venanzo. Either before or after your walk through the Park, visit the Volcanology Museum located in an historical building in the centre of town. It's a great place to plan your visit to the Park, or purchase interesting souvenirs afterwards.

The beginning of the park's trail is not far away. It is an easy walk and takes you through a landscape of geological formations, rocks and minerals, some quite rare. The eruption of the crater thousands of years ago generated Venanzite, a unique rock found only in this area and whose name attests to its origins.

During your walk, observe, touch and analyse the stones, minerals and fossils you come across, and try to imagine how they were formed over the centuries by the incessant forces of nature.

We highly recommend that you consult the Park guides, always ready to help, to organise your visit based on your personal needs and interests: for example, there are special moments for children which turn a learning experience into a game!

If you have worked up an appetite, don't miss the famous sella di San Venanzo, a tasty local sausage made from a mixture of lean loin meat and fat from the white part of the lard.

For information: Parco Museo Vulcanologico

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