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Easter in the Umbrian Valley

Easter in the Umbrian Valley

Easter’s appointments in the Umbrian Valley, among religious celebrations and ancient traditions

Sunday 25th March – Saturday 31st March – Sunday 1st April

Nocera Umbra

Jesus – from the Stations of the Cross to the Stations of the Cross. Historical and theatrical performance

Scenic effects, life-size reconstruction of the city of Jerusalem.

Participation of about 100 figures with strictly period costumes



Good Friday, on 30th March

Fiamenga (Foligno)

Procession and sacred representation of the Christ’s Passion, at 9 pm

Its origin dates back to 1867, when the then parish priest P. Benedetti introduced the Procession of Penitence into the Good Friday’s night. Since 1974 the procession has begun to be integrated with a Sacred Representation created and directed by Francesco Fratini with the participation of some young people of the village. Furthermore, a centre of documentation of the sacred drama has been created. Each year the sacred drama is performed with different sceneries and texts. This year’s event will see the performance of the sacred drama consisting of 11 pictures entitled “A lamb among wolves”.

Beyond the scenes representing the last moments of Christ’s life, there will be pictures regarding the stoning of the deacon Stephen and the crucifixion by Romans of the apostle Peter in Rome.



Good Friday, on 30th March

Colfiorito (Foligno)

One of the most inspiring processions will take place in the Parish of St.

Mary Assunta at 9 pm. Its roots date back to the Middle Ages. The procession has a penitential flavour and sees the participation of costume characters. The original formula including the liturgical and penitential aspect has been preserved until today.



Stations of the Cross along the streets of Montefalco with the statues of the Dead Christ and of Our Lady of Sorrows at 9 pm



Procession of the Dead Christ, at 8 pm

The first written recordings regarding the procession date back to the 1950s, but its origins are almost certainly prior to 1500. The characters of the procession, all strictly wearing costumes, are always the three Cross-bearers (representing the red-dressed Christ and the two black-dressed Thieves), Magdalene and Veronica, the Mercy’s Confraternity (40/50 people wearing a black gown and a purple belt) and the Three Marys. The Cross-bearers will carry on their heads a crown of thorns, on their necks a rope, on their bare feet a chain.



Holy Saturday, 31st March


Glory of the Risen Christ, at the church of St. Bartolomeo, at 10.30 pm

It’s the re-enactment of an ancient religious and popular tradition. On the Holy Saturday night, during the Gloria of the Holy Mass on Easter’s Eve, the magnificent 18th century wooden statue of the Risen Christ will burst suddenly onto the Church of St. Bartolomeo, among the firing of firecrackers and trumpet-blasts. The Church, as if by magic, will get filled with lights whereas the bells of all city’s bell towers are going to ring simultaneously. The statue will be brought to the shoulder at a run until the foot of the altar by men wearing gowns and the hoods of Confraternities. Ostiaries will have the difficult task to open wide the wings of the church’s big door, at the same time and at once.



Easter’s Sunday, 1st April


Race of the Risen Christ, at 10.30 am

On the Easter’s Day four members of the Confraternity will carry on their shoulders the statue of the Risen Christ from the Seminar’s Church to St. Michael’s Church. At the time the priest will intone the Glory, the statue will be carried at a run along the church’s central nave and deposited over a base in front of the altar. The “Re-Bowing“, an ancient religious and folklore tradition, will be also celebrated on the same day at 4.30 pm. The event will involve the encounter between the statues of Christ and of our Lady, supported by bearers. Bells will play to party at the same moment as the bow will take place (the bearers will bow so to provoke the contact between the two statues), while the large crowd will warmly applaud.



Easter’s Monday


Easter’s breakfast

Town hall Square at 11.30 am, organized by the historical group of Flag-weavers and Musicians of the Montefalco Town.

The historical group of Flag-weavers and Musicians of the Montefalco Town will organize, also this year, the traditional Easter’s breakfast in the splendid setting of the Town hall Square, where it will be possible to taste the typical Easter’s pizza with cold cuts and Montefalco wines.


From 12 to 7 pm – Cloister of St. Agostino.

Opening of the Tasting Stand of Montefalco Wines, curated by the Consortium for the Protection of the Wines of Montefalco.

Glass: € 7,00.


«Ciuccetta», Town Hall Square, at 3 pm

The Ciuccetta competition is a very original local tradition.

The competition, open to everyone, consists in beating the hen eggs against each other.  The winner will be the one who will remain with an intact egg.

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