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Guided Tour of the three lakes
An extraordinary bike tour to connect the Trasimeno to the Lake of Montepulciano and the Lake of Chiusi.
1 Days

Our association promotes, organizes and plans tailor-made thematic, enogastronomic, historical-artistic and sporting in this unspoilt corner of Umbria.

The Carpina Valley is an unexplored oasis in the northern part of the Umbria region, on the border with the Marches and at a short distance from Tuscany. The area is rich in history and traditions that can be also perceived among local people. Thre you can enjoy pleasant stays discovering a new culture and admiring a wild nature. After a journey through hills and valleys you arrive in Pietralunga, an ancient village with a small community.   Once there  you will soon have the feeling of being in a place with a past still alive. The simple and  humble people there are strongly linked to their traditions, they are  very hospitable and are pleased to share with you their everyday life even for a short period. Here are some definitions for the Carpina Valley: The Valley of Colours. For the peculiarity of its natural environment. The Spring and Autumn seasons portray landscapes with a unique variety of colours, You can  admire them by participating to the leaf peeping activities guided by experts. The Valley of Flavours. In the Farmholidays and country houses, once ancient farms and country inns,  you can now enjoy genuine food prepared by skilled housewives following  recipes handed down from generations: handmade pasta, torta sul panaro (a traditional flat bread),  pork products following ancient processing methods and gnocchi made with the precious white potato grown on the land of Pietralunga The Valley of Crafts It will be exciting for you to be part of a community where ancient crafts are preserved and are still alive in the old worhshops of blacksmith or in the seasonal activities of peasants. The  Valley of Scents The White Truffle, the Summer Truffle and the Bianchetto flavour dishes all year round. Wild fruit such as cherries and blackthorns are processed to make delicious liqueurs The Valley of Silence A sense of peace and quiet atmosphere has surrounded for centuries this territory. Lots of Pilgrims choose to stop and rest in the Village, that is an intermediare stage of the religious Franciscan Way going  fron Assisi to La Verna   We  can offer itineraries combining the various activities of the Carpina Valley and following your specific interests and requirements.  

Organizzazione tecnica

Riding a bike or an e-bike you can enjoy the magic of this landscape together with a guide who will make you appreciate the nature, traditions and history that distinguish this territory.

What is included

Possibility of bike or e-bike rental and local guide.

1 Days

A fantastic tour of the three lakes: Trasimeno Lake, Chiusi Lake and Montepulciano Lake.

 Crossing the lands between Umbria and Tuscany you will have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable day pedaling among hills, villages, lots of nature and lots of history. 

Unique landscapes will be the backdrop to your journey on a bike. 

We provide bike or e-bike rental and an expert guide who will make you enjoy your experience to the fullest.

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